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  • The principal goal of this annual is to reveal the inherent relationship between Assyriology, Semitics, and biblical studies—a relationship that our predecessors comprehended and fruitfully explored but that is often neglected today. The title Babel & Bibel is intended to point to the possibility of fruitful collaboration among the three disciplines, in an effort to explore the various civilizations of the ancient Near East.

  • State Archives of Assyria (SAA) is a series of critical text editions of Neo-Assyrian texts, primarily those from the royal palaces at Nineveh, but also including some texts from other sites, organized by text genres. Each text is given in transliteration and English translation and is accompanied by a critical apparatus giving references to previous editions, discussions and collations of the text and a limited philological commentary.

  • State Archives of Assyria Studies (SAAS) contains monographic studies relating to and supplementing the text editions published in the SAA series. SAAS is intended to be a medium for publishing dissertations and other synthetic and analytic research on the Neo-Assyrian Empire.


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